A great candidate experience is everything…
we can support you on your career journey

It all starts with you

Knowing you personally and taking the time to understand your aspirations, we match both to your needs and to the culture which will fit you best

We introduce like-minded people and cultures together, helping you
to create a happy home
to thrive within

Our approach is simple. Get to know you and make specific recommendations.
We know our clients well and have a strong understanding of the market. That’s why we deliver both consultative and bespoke solutions to your needs

We are with you every step of the way

Matching to your wish list, we create informed choices, supplying full research on roles and companies who we have personal relationships with. Letting you know about the person and creating warm first meetings, enables you
to feel more like you, rather than a candidate, showing the best version of yourself

With a 95% conversion rate, our clients are very open to meet you and we position your key achievements, not just what you have done. Where you need it, we provide tailored competency training so you show the best possible version of yourself on the day, optimising your success rate. We work with you creating and refining your business plan, where necessary, ensuring it shows how instead of what, to jump-start your career and hit the ground running

Helping you to gain the success you deserve,
with us, it’s personal

Questions to ask yourself...

Do you love what you do?

Do you feel valued?

Are you happy?

Don't settle... be the star you deserve to be!

You are unique and special

We are passionate about delivering you an amazing experience

Listening and finding solutions

We want to truly understand you and help you to succeed

Thriving and happy

This is your long-term career move and we want you to be successful

With us, your career search feels simple

Truestar Talent... with us, it's personal